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2018 Summer Programs with Financial Aid

0 Comments 16 January 2018

There is no better way for college-bound students to get a feel for the future than participating in summer pre-college programs. Students gain valuable work experience, build relationships, and boost their admissions chances through these opportunities. Not every program in the U.S. offers sufficient financial aid for under-resourced students, but we have compiled a list […]

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College Application Checklist

0 Comments 10 January 2018

Applying to college sounds like a long and tedious process – we know! We write about it all the time. There are ways to make it easy on yourself, though, starting with using a smart and thorough checklist that keeps you on track. Below, we’ve placed several aspects of applications to colleges that are super […]

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Do I Need a High GPA to Get a Scholarship?

0 Comments 10 January 2018

Not everyone out there has a perfect GPA, and that’s perfectly okay. We all shine in different ways, as cheesy as saying that may be, but we thoroughly believe it here at Greenlight. We’ll let you in on a little secret, too – you can still win a scholarship without having a perfect 4.0. Colleges […]

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What is a Test-Optional College?

0 Comments 09 January 2018

While there’s often a lot of pressure to do well on standardized tests, it’s not really everyone’s preferred beverage (notice that we did not specify tea). There’s so much pressure that comes with these large exams nowadays, whether it’s the PSAT, ACT, or SAT, that it’s easy to start seeing those fill-in-the-bubble-completely scantrons in your […]

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High School

Academic New Year’s Resolutions

0 Comments 08 January 2018

Many people make resolutions to improve some aspect of their lives for the new year. Some people aim to hit the gym more, while others might look to rekindle friendships with people they haven’t spoken to in a while. The resolutions people make run the gamut, but many times have something to do with weight […]

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