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FAFSA and Financial Aid Tips for Low-Income Students

0 Comments 23 February 2017

If you come from a low-income household, paying for college can be intimidating. Take a look at these tips financial aid and FAFSA tips to receive the most aid you are eligible for. Apply for the FAFSA early. More than a dozen states award grants on a first-come, first-served basis. That means that the later […]

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Big Money Scholarships

0 Comments 21 February 2017

When it comes to scholarships, the bigger the better. Take a look at this list of scholarship with big money awards. Generation Google Scholarship – This scholarship is for college-bound high school seniors who are minorities and pursuing a degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or a related field. Individuals with a disability […]

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Letter

0 Comments 20 February 2017

When you’re accepted to a college, you’ll receive a letter explaining the financial aid package you are awarded. These letters are sometimes filled with terms you might not be familiar with. You need to make sure you understand what your financial aid letter offers before you accept any part of it. Here’s what you need […]

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Spotlight on Bridges to a Brighter Future

0 Comments 16 February 2017

Bridges to a Brighter Future serves high school students of Greenville County, S.C., whose potential for academic excellence is hindered by economic and educational barriers. Almost all participants are first-generation college students, and 70 percent of participants come from a household with an income of less than $25,000. The program ensures these issues will not […]

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Find the Right College

Colleges for Students with Average SAT Scores

0 Comments 16 February 2017

High test scores are not the only way to get into college. Take a look at this list of colleges that accept students with SAT scores that range from 1,100 to 1,250. University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Ala. Average SAT score – 1,195 The University of Alabama provides an environment that allows its graduates to make […]

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