Greenlight Scholars

Greenlight Scholars: Improving the College Application Process for Low-Income, First-Generation Students

0 Comments 29 August 2016

This application season students will have a new option when applying to colleges: the Greenlight Scholars application.  Developed with the help of colleges and CBOs around the country, the application seeks to remove some of the biggest barriers that keep students from applying and getting accepted to right match and fit colleges. How is Greenlight […]

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Meet Need Schools


100% Meet Need Colleges

13 Comments 29 August 2016

One of the biggest concerns students and their families have about college is affordability. Rising costs at the nation’s public and private schools keep qualified students from considering the best options. Fortunately, many colleges are committed to remaining affordable to each admitted student regardless of their financial circumstances. A college or university that promises to […]

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back to school

Apply to College

Class of 2017 Back To School Checklist

0 Comments 18 August 2016

If you’re like most seniors, you’ve been given back to school checklists since kindergarten.  Usually, they’d be lists of supplies to buy, books you were supposed to read over summer, and any assignments that will be due in your first week.  If you’re in this year’s graduating high school class, however, there is another to-do […]

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Choosing A School, Fly-In Focus

Applying To & Attending College Fly-in Programs

0 Comments 12 August 2016

College fly-in and diversity programs are amazing opportunities for first-gen, low-income and underrepresented students to make important campus visits funded by a scholarship or all expenses paid by the school.  Held at institutions around the country, fly-in and diversity programs give students the chance to sit in on a class, stay overnight in a dorm, meet […]

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women's college

Choosing A School

Considering a Women’s College

1 Comment 08 August 2016

If you’re a young lady considering schools, you may have heard some common myths about women’s colleges: they’re outdated, won’t prepare you well for living in a co-ed world, aren’t as academically challenging, and that living with women all the time is, well, sort of weird.  In reality, however, women’s colleges have a lot of benefits, giving you an […]

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