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2019 Fly-In and Diversity Program List is Live!

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Choosing a college or university to attend is a difficult decision in general, but it’s 10x more difficult without visiting the campus. Depending on where the college or university is located and its access to transportation, it can be expensive to visit even for a weekend, especially if your family isn’t financially able to help.

Colleges and universities recognize this issue and have provided a few different ways for accepted and potential students to visit their campuses. The most popular way is through fly-in programs, which are typically either throughout the year or on a few specific dates, typically during the fall semester.

It can be hard to find these institutions, though, and that’s why we here at College Greenlight publish a list every year in April with all of the programs we know of.


You can also find it broken down by region, if you know the general area you’d like to attend school in!


What’s a Fly-in Program exactly? 

Fly-in programs are exactly what they sound like—colleges and universities will either partially or fully reimburse students who need to take a plane to visit their campus. Often, if the student’s home state borders the state the college is in, it will be excluded from this sort of program, i.e., if the student is within driving distance. The reimbursement is only applicable for students, though, not typically for parents or guardians.

Partial Fly-in Reimbursement

Institutions are upfront about what they offer. A standard reimbursement is half of the cost of the flight up to $250 dollars. Depending on what state is being traveled from or the college’s own rules, it may be more or less. Students coming from Hawaii and Alaska often have a higher fly-in reimbursement budget.

Often times, that partial fly-in reimbursement also becomes a full reimbursement if the student enrolls at the college. The rest of the money is normally attributed to the student’s account with the institution.

Full Fly-in Reimbursement

These often come in the form of programs or weekend-long events. They also often include a more involved application process that may include an essay, a submission of grades, or other specific requirements. There are also programs geared towards underserved or underprivileged students, such as those from lower-income homes, first generation students, and/or minorities.

These typically include food, lodging, and events for students, which may involve attending classes, spending the night in the dorms with a student ambassador from the institution, as well as an interview with the admissions team.

Take Advantage of All Your Options

We’ve compiled a list of colleges and universities that we know have fly-in and diversity programs, but this list is ever-expanding. Some institutions don’t promote their fly-in programs, but do offer assistance if students ask, so never hesitate to contact the admissions department of the college or university you’re interested in and see if they can offer any help with travel costs.


Happy campus visiting!

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