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4 Advantages to Considering an Out-of-State College

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When you’re building your college list, location and distance from home can be a huge factor for many students.  While staying close to home due to financial or personal reasons may be a necessity for some, those who have the option to consider out-of-state colleges may find there can be some big advantages to those who are willing to be a little adventurous with their college choices. Check out this list of four reasons an out-of-state college or university might be the best fit for you, and then consider adding one to your college list on College Greenlight and consider participating in our Summer Challenge! 

Consider What You Want Out of Your College Experience

Depending on what you would like to get out of your college experience, you may find that a school further from home or in another state will have more of the qualities you are looking for.  Do you want to attend school in a rural area, or  in a big city? Do you want to attend a large state school or a smaller, private college? Check out the profiles of the colleges you are interested in on College Greenlight and you’ll be able to learn these qualities about colleges from all over the nation.  If you find one that fits what you’re looking for considering adding it to your list–even if it’s not in your state.

Believe It or Not: Lower Tuition & Scholarships for Out-Of-State Students

A common misconception is that attending an out-of-state school is more expensive than attending one in-state.  Not always! Depending on your home state and the college you’re interested in attending, sometimes going to a school outside of your area will actually save you money. In addition to the tuition being less in some cases, colleges and organizations also offer special scholarships to students who wish to study out of state, so be sure to check with the college and look for organizations in your state.

Major Specializations / Academic Interest

If you already know what major or academic interest you plan on pursuing, seeking out a college known for that particular program can be a great way to maximize your studies. Sometimes, this might be an out-of-state college or university.  Don’t be afraid to consider out-of-state colleges if you feel strongly about your intended major; the experience studying with distinguished faculty and taking classes that you may not be able to find at other colleges can be incredibly valuable.

Similarly, some areas of the country may be more conducive to certain areas of interest and offer networking opportunities you won’t be able to find anywhere else. For example, those studying in the business and finance fields may find more resources like networking opportunities or internships in a larger city.

Get Out of Your “Comfort Zone”

This one may seem obvious, but challenging yourself by changing your location can be a great way to learn to be independent and grow your personal confidence.  Students who end up staying close to where they went to high school often find themselves sticking with the same group of friends or going to the same places.  Going somewhere new after high school will allow you to meet new people, experience different places and learn the ins and outs a whole new city or town while you attend college there.


Check out colleges and create your college list on College Greenlight and make sure to apply to our Summer Challenge Scholarship!


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