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At College Greenlight, we believe that all students deserve to attend a college that will allow them to succeed to their fullest potential

Finding that college, however, can be challenging for students who don’t have easy access to effective college admissions support and resources. The goal of College Greenlight is to make it simpler for first generation and underrepresented students to attend their dream colleges.

By providing a unique variety of free search and profile tools for students, counselors, and community-based organizations, we connect students with colleges that match their character and abilities, greatly increasing their chances of success in school and after. We encourage students to look beyond basic admissions requirements and focus on factors such as social fit and support programs. We also provide resources to help students fund college by highlighting special scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

College Greenlight is a platform that allows high school counselors and community-based organizations to provide support to their students throughout the college search and application process. With features such as “best fit” college lists, customized college profiles, and a rich scholarship database, students will receive assistance each step of the way to help create the smoothest possible transition from high school to college.

College Greenlight is a service provided by Cappex, a leading college search website that has relationships with hundreds of colleges nationwide and years of experience helping millions of students achieve their college dreams.

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