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Activities that Look Good on a Scholarship Application

Comments Off on Activities that Look Good on a Scholarship Application 09 August 2017

Spinning the activities you have done this summer, or plan to do, as things to add to scholarship essays will benefit you. Here are some activities that scholarship decision committees will be pleased to see on an application.


Volunteering is a great way to show scholarship administrators that you are a well-rounded student. You can find a new passion, build your resume and reinforce teamworking skills. Many scholarships require a supplemental essay with the application. The character built and experienced gained from volunteering is a great subject for an essay.

College Prep Programs

Showing you are thinking about college during the summer goes a long way with a scholarship committee. Attending some sort of college preparation program allows you to get a taste of a college campus and some of the courses that are offered. Take a look at this extensive list of fly-in programs. Many colleges offer free fly-in programs, travel assistance scholarships, overnight programs and diversity programming that comes at little or no cost to students accepted to their programs. Listing a program like this on a resume would show a scholarship decision committee that you take your studies seriously and deserve a scholarship.

Part-time work

Working a part-time job comes with a number of benefits. If you happen to come from a low-income household, this money can go a long way. Working a job at a young age shows scholarship committees you are dedicated to pursuing higher education. Plus, your place of employment might offer its own scholarships.

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