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Join us for the Next Stop College Marathon!

1 Comment 27 September 2013


College Greenlight, the nation’s best free resource for first-generation and underrepresented students, is proud to announce our first ever Next Stop College Marathon on Saturday October 12th, featuring $1,000 in raffles and our $1,000 Next Stop College Marathon Scholarships! 

Too often, these incredible students undervalue themselves and their accomplishments by only applying to colleges that are familiar and close to home. The Next Stop College Marathon is an opportunity for our students to take charge of their path to higher education early in the semester, while encouraging them to apply for a wide range of colleges and universities. Furthermore, the event challenges students to compete for and complete scholarships and grants to help them fund their education responsibly.



The marathon is a day-long, virtual event that awards students for completing college and scholarship applications with the support of our entire community. On Saturday, October 12th, students will gather online via our virtual event platform to submit applications; chat with admissions, financial aid, and essay writing experts; attend webinars hosted by incredible college access organizations all across the country; and connect with fellow College Greenlight students. College Greenlight partners with over 280 community-based organizations in metropolitan, suburban, and rural markets throughout America.

We believe these students will change the world. Whether working an after-school job to help support their family, spending nights and weekends building relationships with their community organizations, or striving to be at the top of their class every year so they can secure as much financial aid as they can, College Greenlight students embody the grit and determination that makes America great. We want to honor their hard work with unparalleled generosity. To participate, all you need is a computer with an internet connection.


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Now that you’ve registered, you can prepare for the marathon by checking out our official countdown guide.


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You should also check out our schedule of free webinars:

Free Webinars

 And if you have any additional questions, we’ve created a helpful FAQ page you can access by clicking here!



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  1. Colby Hays says:

    Sounds awesome, I think ill sign up.

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