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AppFacts #3: Extracurricular Activities

Comments Off on AppFacts #3: Extracurricular Activities 23 July 2018

In the latest #AppFacts installment, we’ve asked 5 highly selective institutions how important extracurricular activities are when applying. Colleges want to know what kind of an impact you make when you’re not in a classroom setting, so that is your time to show off all of the things you’re passionate about. If you haven’t gotten involved just yet, now is the time!

Whether it’s sports, art, family, or service, teams from Brown, Dartmouth, Colgate, WPI, and Duke tell all on what they want to see from their prospective students.

Brown University

“We want to know the ways you’ve impacted your community.”

Dartmouth College

“Colleges love to see students developing their talents and passions.”

Colgate University

“These [activities] can give us information on your community mindedness.”

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Do you volunteer? Are you a part of an after school organization? But also do you work a part time job, or take care of a family member?”

Duke University

“We care more about you making an impact in the things you’re involved in.”


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