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Colleges Still Accepting Applications in September 2019

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The entirety of senior year of high school feels like the eleventh hour. Everyone’s rushing to meet a deadlines every which way, this deadline for that college, this deadline for that university, this FAFSA deadline, this scholarship deadline…

It’s a lot of pressure.

The fact of the matter is, though, whether the college applications you submitted didn’t quite work out or you decided late into your senior year that college was for you, it’s not too late to apply. A number of colleges and universities of all varieties (public, private, selective, non-selective, you-name-it) are still accepting applications. Yes, even now, in September, of the current year 2019, for Fall 2019 start dates.

The institutions below have deadlines in September 2019. Organized by deadline date, click on any institution you’re interested in to see their full college profile and how to apply!

If you’re not seeing an institution that interests you, community college is a great way to get started on earning credits towards your bachelor’s degree. It can also save you quite a bit of money! Once you’ve enrolled, you can work with an advisor to map out how you want to earn your degree, either by taking advantage of Spring Transfer, transferring after one year, or even two, to a 4-year institution.


Missouri Valley College:

Rolling: No

Application Deadline: 9/1/2019

Missouri Valley College is based in the rural town of Marshall, MO. The university offers degrees in 33 programs of study.


Portland State University:

Rolling: No

Application Deadline: 9/1/2019

Portland State University is a 4-year public institution in the heart of Portland. The PSU campus encompasses eight colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees in over 120 fields of study.


Eastern Washington University:

Rolling: Yes

Application Deadline: 9/1/2019

Eastern Washington University is a 4-year institution in Cheney, Washington. Since opening its doors in 1882, EWU has grown to offer 143 areas of study, as well as house the only industrial robotics and automation program in a three-state area.


New England College:

Rolling: Yes

Application Deadline: 9/4/2019

New England College is a private rural liberal arts college in Henniker, New Hampshire. NEC confers undergraduate degrees in 37 academic fields of study and its Hands On Year Round initiative provides the opportunity for students to reduce costs through full-year course offerings.


Oregon Institute of Technology:

Rolling: Yes

Application Deadline: 9/9/2019

The Oregon Institute of Technology is a public and state-supported institute of technology based in Klamath Falls, OR, and has satellite campuses in Seattle-Boeing and the Portland-Metro area. The university offers degrees in 36 programs of study.


Bellevue College:

Rolling: No

Application Deadline: 9/9/2019

Bellevue College is a public institution with an open admissions policy based in Bellevue, Washington. Popular programs at the school include liberal arts and humanities, business, and network, database, and system administration. The university offers degrees in 32 programs of study.


Life University:

Rolling: No

Application Deadline: 9/16/2019

Life University is the biggest single-campus chiropractic college in the world. It is a private institution founded by a doctor of chiropractic that offers health and wellness-focused programs. The university offers degrees in 15 programs of study.


Baker College of Muskegon:

Rolling: No

Application Deadline: 9/19/2019

Baker College of Muskegon is a private four-year technical and business college mere minutes away from Lake Michigan’s shores. Baker College maintains seven other campuses, is a designated military-friendly school, and claims the title of largest nonprofit college in the state. 

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