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How to Begin the College Visit Process

Comments Off on How to Begin the College Visit Process 13 September 2017

One of the most daunting aspects of finding the perfect college for you might be how to begin the college visit process. Here are some tips to make sure you start off on the right foot.

Finalize your college list. This list should consist of five to nine colleges that fit your financial, social and academic fit. Within this list, you should have a good mix of safety, reach and match schools. You’ll want to visit as many of these schools as possible before you decide on a college.

Check your calendar. Coordinate your personal calendar with your academic calendar to see when the best time is to visit campuses. Spring and winter breaks are good times to road trip and hit multiple colleges or visit the furthest one. A three-day weekend is a great opportunity to visit a local school. Make a note on your calendar to hold these days for college visits.

Plan ahead. List the questions you need answered by each college. Even if it seems simple, ask it. Consider which buildings and offices you’d like to see on each campus. This will be your one chance to see the campus before you make a final decision. Don’t waste it.

Time to schedule. Reach out to each college and schedule a visit as soon as you know a date that works for you. Take this time to schedule anything else on that campus, such as an overnight stay with a current student. The earlier you schedule, the more time you allow yourself to prepare.

There’s no wrong time to start the college visit process. Even if you are only a freshman or sophomore, don’t be afraid to visit a college. The earlier you start, the more well-informed you will be by the time you need to select a college.

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