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Campus Resources for First-Generation Students

Comments Off on Campus Resources for First-Generation Students 29 August 2017

Adjusting to college can be tough, especially if you are a first-generation college student. Here are some campus resources to help you ease your transition.

Financial Aid Office – Form a relationship with the financial aid office. As a first-generation student, you might need help dealing with your finances. A financial aid officer can inform of you of various loans, grants and scholarships. Financial aid officers are equipped to answer any question about college finances that may arise for you.

Your RA – Your resident assistant (RA) is there to be a resource for you. College is rough to navigate on your own, so you can ask your RA questions. They can connect you with other first-generation students who know what you are going through.

A Diversity Center – Many colleges have diversity centers. These centers are designed to be a place for students to go to for an inclusive and open environment. Students from underrepresented communities can partake in programs with peers from similar backgrounds.

Counseling Center – The transition to college can be tough. It might be more challenging as a first-generation student because no one in your family is able to give you advice from their past experiences. There’s no shame in asking for help. You can reach out to a counselor if you need a little extra help in working through this transition.

The great news is that these services are all available to you free of cost. Don’t be afraid to continue to utilize them throughout your time in college.

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