What to Expect Junior Year of High School

No Comments 02 August 2017

Junior year is regarded as the most difficult year of high school. Here’s what you can expect to come your way as a junior.

You will take the ACT or SAT. This is what your freshman and sophomore year classes have been leading up to. You likely took the PSAT or Pre-ACT last year, so you know what to expect. Your first opportunity to take one of these tests won’t come until later in the year, so your teachers will spend plenty of time helping you prepare. But don’t worry too much because you will have multiple opportunities to take the ACT or SAT.

Your classes will get harder. You are an upperclassman in high school. Your teachers are trying to prepare you for college, which means the subject matter and studying for those classes will become more difficult. It’s time to develop some serious time management and studying skills. These skills will help you to succeed in college.

Your college search will get more serious. You will begin to apply for colleges next year. Now is the time to decide what you like. Start narrowing colleges and add them to your college list on your College Greenlight profile. Make sure to have good variety of colleges on your list. This year is the time to start visiting those colleges. Spring break or any other long weekend would be the perfect time the college search process.

This year will be heavily focused on college and academics. It will feel more serious than your underclassman years of high school. But don’t forget to have fun in between the studying. High school is now halfway over and you have some fun events, such as your first prom, to look forward to this year.


What to Expect Sophomore Year of High School

No Comments 26 July 2017

You’ve made it through your freshman year. The anxieties and uncertainties of being at a new school are gone. What’s next on your to-do list? Tackling sophomore year, of course. Here’s what you can expect for the upcoming school year.

You know the lay of the land. You have your friends, you know plenty of teachers and you know how long it takes to get from one place to another. You now can spend time diving deeper into after-school activities, studying and getting to know the friends you made last year. Maybe you can even impart some wisdom onto the incoming freshmen.

You will hear more about the PSAT/Pre-ACT. Junior year of high school often is considered the most important of all four years. Part of that reason is that is the year you will take either the SAT or ACT. Sophomore year will include some preparation leading up to that. The PSAT or Pre-ACT is a standardized test you likely will take some point soon. It will give you a good gauge to see where you stand before junior year. Read up on the PSAT.

You will have a study style, but classes will get harder. The difference between eighth grade and freshman year of high school was likely a wakeup call. You adapted and learned how to succeed. Sophomore year teaches you that high school will continue to get harder. You might have to adjust your study style again this year. Take a look at these study tips that will help you excel.

College is not that far away. A lot of your focus freshman year might have been learning the ropes in high school. Now it is time to learn how to begin your journey to college. You don’t need to find your dream school this year, but if you start to browse colleges now, you will thank yourself later. College Greenlight can help to ease you into the college application process. Think about what it important to you in a college and add it to your College List within your College Greenlight profile. You can add and remove schools and apply through College Greenlight when the time comes.

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