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We Have Our #1 Fan! Congratulations, Ethan!

Comments Off on We Have Our #1 Fan! Congratulations, Ethan! 07 March 2018

We’re happy to announce that Ethan is the winner of the College Greenlight #1 Fan scholarship!

Ethan earned this $1000 scholarship simply for using the College Greenlight website the way we want all of our students to use it: searching for and discovering colleges, as well as utilizing our scholarship database.

Well, we also made him answer some questions. Guilty as charged. But, hey, in our defense, they’re pretty easy to answer! We also figured we’d ask questions that would impart some of his wisdom regarding the world of applications and scholarships, so take a look at what Ethan said!

1) Describe how you used College Greenlight to help you in your college and scholarship search process. 

I used College Greenlight to jumpstart my college and scholarship search. With College Greenlight I was able to find the colleges I was interested in applying to and I was able to find scholarships that were specific to my major. Along with others that would help fund my college experience. CG gives you the tools to succeed you just need to take advantage of them.

2) What’s the best advice you’d share with students who are starting their college or scholarship search/applications process? (Your advice doesn’t have to be College Greenlight related!)

My best advice for students who are starting the college and scholarship process is to start early. By doing so, everything will be easier and more effective. There will be no rush, worry, or anxiety. So by best advice would be to start early.

We also asked him for a picture to show off his beaming face. Was that asking too much? Either way! Congratulations, again, Ethan! We’re so happy to help our students get one step closer to Day 1 of their college education!

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