Scholarships Expiring in July

No Comments 28 June 2017

Here are a few scholarships expiring throughout July:

International Women in Media Scholarship – This scholarship is for high school seniors and current college students who intend to study journalism. The application involves creating a webpage outlining the accomplishments of a notable female journalist. Applications are due July 1 and the scholarship award amount is $1,000.

Take a Personality Quiz to See If You’re Their Type Scholarship – This scholarship is for students in the U.S. between the ages of 13 and 25. Applicants can enter by taking a short personality quiz. Applications are due July 15 and the scholarship award amount is $2,500.

Future Leaders of Law Scholarship – This scholarship is for U.S. college students studying law or those in law school. Applicants must have demonstrated academic excellence in their studies and have a record of contributing a college community. The award amount for this scholarship is $500 and applications are due July 30.

Supporting STEM Scholarship – This scholarship is for students with a declared STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) major. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and submit 150-word answers to five questions. The $1,000 amount will be paid out in two $500 installments. Applications are due July 30.

Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship – This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors and current full- or part-time college students. Applicants must plan to pursue a career in the field of technology or computer science. Recipients will be selected based on need, academic background and demonstrated leadership. One $500 and one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. Applications are due July 31.

As always, continue to keep your College Greenlight profile updated so we can always match you to the best scholarships for you.

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How to Save Money for College

No Comments 14 June 2017

It’s no secret that college is expensive, but it’s never too early to start saving. If you start saving now, you’ll thank yourself when you’re in college. Here are some tips for saving money for college.

Keep a budget. Even if you have the best of intentions, you might overspend if you are not keeping track. Set a budget every month and stick to it. Know your financial priorities. Divide your budget into categories and allot a spending limit for each. Keep track in a journal or spreadsheet.

Buy used books. Textbooks are an unavoidable expense in college. And the cost adds up quickly. If you’re off to college in the fall, avoid buying as many textbooks from your institution’s bookstore as possible. Look into options like Amazon and Chegg to find books at a discounted rate.

Limit impulse purchases. Before you purchase a new outfit or go to dinner with friends, take a minute to decide if the purchase is worth the money. Limiting unnecessary purchases allows you to put a little extra money aside for college.

Find a part-time job. Now that it’s summer, spend your free time looking into a part-time job. Look at online job boards but also make a list of places you’d be interested to work at, and stop by to ask for a paper application. If you have the time and your employer allows it, your job can carry over into the school year.

Apply to scholarships. Continue to apply for scholarships, even in summer. Keep your College Greenlight profile updated. Add new classes or volunteer experience to your profile. This can help us to match you to the best scholarships for you.


Scholarships Expiring in June

No Comments 31 May 2017

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop working. Summer break allows you extra time to search for scholarships. Check out these scholarships expiring in June.

Bruce Lee Foundation ScholarshipThis scholarship is for students at lest 16 years old. The criteria used to evaluate applicants includes involvement in extracurricular activities, community service, work experience, future potential and knowledge of Bruce Lee. The scholarship award amount ranges between $2,500 and $10,000 and applications are due June 9.

Make a Happy Ramadan Card Scholarship – This scholarship is for any U.S. citizen between the ages of 13 and 25 who creates and mails a card to a Muslim American to wish them a happy Ramadan. The deadline for this scholarship is June 10 and the average award amount is $3,000.

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship – This scholarship is for high school juniors, seniors and current college students. Applicants must submit an essay discussing their educational career and life goals. 

Exceptional Youth Scholarship – This scholarship is for high school seniors who demonstrate community service efforts, volunteerism and mentorship and have a strong academic performance. Applications are due June 13 and the scholarship award amount is $5,000.

Noplag Scholarship Essay Contest – This scholarship is for high school and university students who are at least 16 years of age. Applicants must submit an essay of at least 700 words on a suggested topic. The award amount for this scholarship is $3,500 and applications are due June 25.

KAM House Buyers Scholarship – Applicants are asked to write an essay in 800 to 1,000 words describing what they believe it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. High school seniors, current college freshmen, sophomores and juniors are eligible for this scholarship. Applications are due June 30 and the scholarship award amount is $500.


How to Prepare for Scholarship Season

No Comments 17 May 2017

As the school year begins to wind down, so does scholarship season. But even though it might become more difficult to find scholarships, you still should look. Follow these tips to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming scholarship season.

Participate in College Programming

Make yourself stand out to scholarship committees by proving you are dedicated to your academics, even in the summer. Many colleges offer summer programs for students who are interested in attending. The programs are designed to give prospective students a taste of college life, and sometimes even include a college-level course. Reach out to a local college to see if it offers one of these programs, or take a look at this list of fly-in programs for your chance to visit a college further away.

Begin to Research

Just because you can’t apply doesn’t mean you can’t research. Start small with your local community foundation, move on to researching scholarships for people with your intended major and then find every big money scholarship you can apply for. Keep a running list of these scholarships so you can check back in the fall and apply as soon as they are open.

Find a Summer Job or Internship

When scholarships are scarce, an internship or job can help earn money for college. It also can beef up your scholarship resume. This shows scholarship providers that you are academic/career-minded and spent your summer in a productive way. Plus, jobs can sometimes lead to scholarships.

Keep Checking College Greenlight

You should be checking your College Greenlight profile year-round. Continue to make sure your information is up-to-date and we will match you with the best scholarships for you. Scholarship season might be a little dry in the summer but as long as you are eligible, we will help you find it.


College Greenlight Summer Challenge Scholarship

No Comments 04 May 2017

If you’re a junior, we are here to help you to get started looking for colleges this summer.

The College Greenlight Summer Challenge Scholarship is your chance to win one of two $500 scholarships for getting started on your college and scholarship search. Starting May 1 and up to Sept. 1, you’ll be able to take these easy steps to qualify for the scholarship.

How to Qualify

1. Fill out a free profile on College Greenlight and make sure it is complete and up-to-date 

2. Add five colleges to your college list by logging into your account and clicking on the college tab at the top of your student dashboard. 

052914_Greenlight College Center


To add colleges to your list, we recommend checking out the profile pages of colleges you’re interested in by entering the college’s name into the search bar on the right side of the page. You also should check messages you receive from colleges. These messages mean that a college believes you would be a good fit on campus.

After you’ve added five schools to your list, make sure to adjust your rankings so that your favorite schools are listed at the top of your page.

3. Choose five scholarships that you’ll apply for and change their status in your scholarship center 

052914_Greenlight Scholarship Center


Your scholarship center will include dozens of opportunities that we’ve matched you with based on your profile. You’ll need to pick at least five scholarships that you will apply for and change their status to will apply under the next steps tab (pictured below).

052914_Scholarship Example

4. Click the APPLY button for the Summer Challenge Scholarship in your College Greenlight Scholarship Center 

052914_Greenlight Scholarships


Access your College Greenlight Scholarships page from your student dashboard and then click the bright green apply button listed next to the Summer Challenge Scholarship.

If you’re in the class of 2018, we challenge you to take the time to apply for this awesome opportunity.

This scholarship closes on Sept. 1, so make sure to take advantage early.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship will go to a College Greenlight student who adds five colleges to their college list, and five scholarships to their scholarship list. Applicants must have a valid College Greenlight profile, and must click the “apply button” listed with this scholarship here. Applicants should embody College Greenlight’s mission in one or more of the following ways: demonstrated financial need, underrepresented minority status, or by being the first in their family to attend college. Membership in a college preparatory program is a plus.



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