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Should You Go Greek?

No Comments 10 July 2017

Greek life is a huge part of the college experience for some students. Consider these points to see if Greek life is for you.

Fraternities and sororities support philanthropies. Philanthropy is a cause, such as domestic violence awareness, that Greeks fundraise and volunteer with. Every national Greek organization has its own unique philanthropy. This is a huge part of Greek life — attending philanthropy events and volunteer hours often are required from every member.

You can pursue leadership opportunities. Every sorority and fraternity has an executive board made up of its members. You will be able to run for one of these positions. This responsibility will help you to develop leadership skills and look good on a resume.

Greek life promotes lifelong friendships. One of the biggest draws to Greek life for many people is the opportunity to meet new people. As a member of Greek life, you spend a lot of time with your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. You inevitability will find new friends within this group. You also will have the opportunity to make new friends through other sororities and fraternities.

You will have no choice but to learn time management. Greek life is fun, but it also is a big time commitment. In addition to social events, members have weekly chapter meetings, required study hours and volunteer requirements. This means you will need to adopt time management skills to make this work. You’ll be able to carry these skills with you throughout the rest of college and your professional life.

Greek life offers a professional network. When you join a sorority or fraternity, you are a member for life. As you are searching for a job after college, you can utilize your Greek connections. Connect with alumni from your chapter who are in the field you wish to pursue. They can introduce you to the right people and potentially help to find you a job.

Student Life

How to Prepare for the School Year

No Comments 12 June 2017

The school year will be here before you know it. Here’s how you can prepare for the upcoming academic year this summer.

Purchase your school supplies early. Sure, the last thing you want to do this early in summer is to purchase school supplies. But the later you wait, the more picked over things will be. That’ll cause unnecessary stress. Get your supplies early.

Keep reading. Don’t let your brain go to waste. Keep it active by reading. If you have a reading list to work through, start early and mix in other books you want to read for fun.

Research your classes. Learn your class schedule so you know where to go on your first day. Read up on your classes as well. Familiarize yourself with the class description, start to learn the reading list and know the expectations. This way you’re not going in blind and will have a leg up for your classes.

Keep a normal sleep schedule. Your sleep schedule will change during the summer but don’t let that go on for too long. If you wait until the last minute, it’ll be too hard to readjust. Starting off sleep deprived is not a great way to begin the academic year.

Relax and recharge. The school year can be long – you deserve a break. See movies, go to the beach and spend time with your family. You’ll feel ready to tackle the next school year if you feel relaxed.


Questions to Ask Your Future Roommate

No Comments 24 May 2017

Finding out who your roommate will be is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Ask your future roommate these questions to get to know them.

What time do you go to bed?

Odds are that you will be living in a single room with a stranger – it’s time to learn each other’s habits. You might be an early riser, but your roommate could be a night owl. It is important to learn this information about each other before you live together. That way, you can find a compromise in your schedules so that you do not interrupt each other’s sleep schedules.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Living in such close quarters with another person means that you risk getting on each other’s nerves. Get all of this out in the open now. This allows you to avoid any behavior that you know might upset your roommate and keep the peace in your dorm room.

What will you bring for the dorm?

Although this won’t help you get to get to know your future roommate better, this might be the most important question to ask. Take an inventory of everything you’re both willing to bring. This will help to avoid repeat items in your room. Figure out where you have gaps in your list and divide the remaining list up between the two of you.

What are your study habits like?

Plenty of people like to study at the library, while others like to study in their own room. If your roommate falls in the second category, you need to respect that. Don’t blast the TV or invite people over while your roommate is studying. Living with someone is all about compromise. If your roommate needs quiet in the room when they’re studying, consider planning outside of the room at that time, such as a trip to the gym or library.

How messy are you? 

Now is the time to own up to how messy you are. If you find out that you’re the clean one in the dorm, work out a cleaning schedule to encourage your roommate to pitch in. But if you’re the messy one, you’ll know to put extra effort into cleaning to avoid conflict with your roommate.

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How to Utilize Your Spring Break

No Comments 13 March 2017

It’s never too early to start preparing for college. Spring break is great time to get ahead of the game. Between your Netflix marathons and beach trips, here are some tips for preparing for college during any grade.

Build a College List

Take some time to think about what you want from your college experience. What size campus do you want? What do you think you want to study? How far from home do you want to be?

Once you’ve answered these questions, research colleges that fit your requirements. From there, you can start to build your college list. Make sure your college list includes a variety of safety, match and reach schools.

Make Time for Extracurriculars

Utilize this free time to make your college application stand out. Reach out to a professional in your desired career path and shadow them for a day. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen. Grades and test scores are important, but colleges want to see who you are beyond those criteria. Show your dream college why you’d be a great fit in their community.

Practice for the ACT or SAT

Complete a few practice questions every day of spring break. Review some geometry concepts. Spend a little more time reading. The earlier you begin preparing for the test, the better you will likely perform on the test. Whether you’re about to take the test for the first, second or third time, any bit of preparation helps.

Look into Scholarships

It is never too early to start looking start thinking about money for college. Make sure your College Greenlight profile is up-to-date so we can match you to scholarships you are eligible for. We always are updating our scholarship database, so check in weekly to see what’s new on your list. Get creative with your scholarship search as well. Reach out to local businesses, your place of worship or leaders in your community to see if they are aware of any local scholarship opportunities

Pick Next Year’s Classes

Your high school courses should be selected with a bit of strategy. Aside from your required classes, think about what classes will best serve you in the future. Experiment with different subject matter to see if you can a course you’d be passionate about to study in college. If you are eligible, see where you can fit in a college credit or AP class.

Student Life

Your Morning-of-the-Exam Checklist

No Comments 16 December 2014

Most high school students will have midterms and finals this week, and we want to help make sure you’re well prepared for your tests! Depending on the way you study, you may be well-rested the morning before your exam, or you might be exhausted from cramming the night before. Your nerves either way the morning of an important test so we’ve created a checklist for you to help get rid of your jitters and help you feel prepared for whatever the professor throws your way.

Have a good breakfast

You may be tempted to sacrifice your Wheaties for a few more minutes of precious sleep; we advise against it. Studies show that short-term memory, visual perception, and spatial memory abilities increase when students ate breakfast as compared to no breakfast. Make yourself a quick bowl of oatmeal, grab some fruit, and wake that brain of yours up.

Go over your notes

While you’re eating breakfast, take the time to briefly refresh your memory. Glancing through your notes before the exam can help you remember little details you might have forgotten, despite the numerous amount of hours you studied.

Dress comfortably

Make sure you wear something you are comfortable with, but not so comfortable as to fall asleep during the exam. Some students follow the mantra, “Dress well, test well,” which you could try. But you don’t want to be adjusting your shirt or worried about wrinkles, so just dress in what makes you feel confident in your abilities.

Before you leave for class, make sure you have everything you need

Professor only lets you write in pen? Make sure you have one packed that writes well. Same goes for pencils. You want to be sharp right? Make sure your pencils are too. Double-checking your bag before you leave makes sure you don’t forget anything and saves you from awkwardly looking for a writing utensil minutes before the big test.

Arrive early

Give yourself your best chance to find a comfortable seat by arriving early to the testing site. Then you can easily get yourself situated and you won’t be that annoying person who arrives just as the test is being passed out.

Take a deep breath.

You’ve studied long and hard for this test, so take a breath and let go of all your anxieties. Have confidence in your abilities and do your best. After all, it’s just one test and it’s almost over.

Good luck!

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