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College Greenlight Helps Chicago HS Students at Navy Pier

Comments Off on College Greenlight Helps Chicago HS Students at Navy Pier 23 October 2019

College Greenlight Helps Students at Navy Pier

College Greenlight, powered by Cappex, is passionate about supporting low-income, underrepresented, and first generation students all across the country, both online and in-person—in fact, it’s all they do. Yesterday, our CGL team, Brittney Cleveland, Cassandra Stark, and Erika Davis, hit the Windy City streets to join forces with Chicago Scholars, a college access and success program serving the best and brightest, for the 2019 Onsite College and Leadership Forum.

Chicago Scholars has been active in improving the journey to college for Chicago’s students since 1996, beginning with a 1-time $1,000 award to one senior. Since that humble beginning, Chicago Scholars has expanded to help more than 3,000 students with their 7-year college program—which includes the pinnacle Onsite forum.

October 22nd marks the 12th anniversary of the event, this time at Navy Pier, and it brought together more than 1000 students and 190 colleges all in the same room and resulted in more than 5,500 15-minute in-person admission interviews.

Students and College Admissions Officers fill Navy Pier

Students and College Admission Officers fill Navy Pier for the Onsite Event.

We’ve been partnering with Chicago Scholars since 2012, and the non-profit claims a special place in the CGL team’s heart: they were our first official Community-Based Organization (CBO) partner and, now, Chicago Scholars uses College Greenlight as a recommended resource for all of their students and we partner with more than 50% of the colleges that participate in this incredible event. The team has been invited to lead college and scholarship presentations since the beginning of the partnership, and this year was no different.

Making themselves at home in the Onsite Civic Leadership and Resource Hub, Cassandra, Erika, and Brittney answered question after question about college and helped student after student get set up to use College Greenlight as a resource. Even with merit aid and financial aid, it can be difficult to make ends meet when it comes to affording tuition and the team worked hard to provide students with what they need to succeed, with particular emphasis on how to use our extensive scholarship database.

Erika Davis, CGL's Partner Relations Specialist, shows a high school student how to use College Greenlight's scholarship database.

Erika Davis, CGL’s Partner Relations Specialist, shows a high school student how to use College Greenlight’s scholarship database.

“It’s inspiring! Kids are so hyped and are making huge decisions. There are lots of high fives and hugs and tears and life-changing moments happening,” Cassandra Stark, CGL’s Partner Success Manager, said of the event.

“Life-changing” is definitely the right word for it. At the On-Site event, 1,050 students received admission to one of their five top colleges and $40,375,704 dollars of merit aid were awarded, right on the spot.

Colleges awarded admission and merit scholarships right on the spot at the Onsite event. Click on the image to view the full results of the Onsite Event, provided by Chicago Scholars. 


College Greenlight is proud to partner with Chicago Scholars and we look forward to many more events in the future!

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