College Greenlight Invited to White House Opportunity Summit

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White House

On Thursday, December 4th, Jonathan April, the general manager of College Greenlight, will join President Obama, the First Lady and Vice President Biden at the White House College Opportunity Summit. The Summit will bring together colleges and universities, business leaders, nonprofits and others that are committed to supporting more college opportunities for students across the country.

This year’s summit will focus on building sustainable collaborations in communities with strong K-12 and higher education partnerships to encourage college going, and supporting colleges to work together to dramatically improve persistence and increase college completion, especially for first generation, low-income, and underrepresented students.

For more information on how to cover the Summit, please contact Media_Affairs@who.eop.gov and include “College Opportunity Summit Coverage” in the subject line.

About College Greenlight

College Greenlight was launched in April of 2012 to combat the significant underrepresentation of first-generation, low-income and minority students on college campuses across the country, believing that better academic outcomes could be achieved for these students if they had free access to comprehensive college access tools, resources and support.

Since then, College Greenlight has worked diligently to become the premier online platform for underrepresented and low-income students. We’ve built a suite of tools, resources and relationships with college access professionals to combat undermatching and help our students find best fit colleges and scholarships to help responsibly fund their education.


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