College Spotlight: Georgia Institute of Technology

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If you are interested in pursuing a STEM degree, then we recommend considering Georgia Tech, one of the best technical universities in the country.

Georgia Tech, situated on a 400-acre campus in the heart of Atlanta, is a great place to call home. More than 20,000 students come to Tech from all around the world to be part of the No. 7 public university and the No. 4 engineering school in the nation. Georgia Tech is the No. 1 institution in the nation in awarding engineering degrees to minority students.

They host a variety of programs each year specifically targeted toward prospective African-American and Hispanic students, and they continue to support these students once they enroll at Tech through the Office of Minority Education.

Georgia Tech offers degrees in 35 undergraduate majors, as well as pre-professional programs in law, dentistry, medicine, teaching, pharmacy and veterinary. Programs of study are as diverse as the students enrolled in them. From international affairs to nuclear engineering and from business administration to computer science, one thing all Georgia Tech degree programs share is a focus on technology, research and innovation.

In a world where science and technology touch every aspect of daily life, Georgia Tech graduates are in high demand. In fact, Georgia Tech has been ranked the No. 1 return on investment in higher education for the past two years by SmartMoney magazine.

Learn more about Georgia Tech today! Visit them online at this link, or check out our profile on Georgia Tech on College Greenlight. 


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