Colleges with Amazing Dorms

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Most dorms are four walls and a bed, but some colleges have been building nicer dorms that cater to students. Take a look at these amazing college dorms across the country.

University of Arizona

The Hub at Tucson

The Hub at Tucson is college luxury. Rooms have private bedrooms and bathrooms, walk-in closets and a washer and dryer. The residence hall has amenities as gaming room, a gym and a spa for all residents to enjoy.

University of Florida

Ivy House                                                                                               

If you are a female student attending University of Florida, you should check out Ivy House. Each dorm is equipped with with a sun deck, a jacuzzi, a living room with a fireplace and big screen tv and a gourmet kitchen. The residence hall is close to campus and happens to be cheaper than other housing options.

University of Cincinnati

Morgens Hall

These dorm rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows that offer beautiful views of the campus. These windows also offer a unique eco-friendly feature that allows each unit to be individually heated or cooled. Windows can be adjusted to opaque to keep the light out.

Yale University

Durfee Hall

This residence hall is full of history. Part of Gilmore Girls was filmed in this building and Anderson Cooper stayed here during his first year at Yale. Each room is adorned with wood paneled-walls and its own fireplace. You can find the Durfee Sweet Shop on the ground level on the building to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pomona College

Sontag & Pomona Hall

This building won the Builder’s Choice and Custom Home Design awards in 2013. The residence hall has eco-friendly features such as low water use fixtures and daylight sensors. The building also offers a drop-down movie screen and a rooftop patio garden.

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