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Why Community College Isn’t Like High School

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Don’t believe the myth that a local community college only will include students from your high school. Students from multiple high schools attend a single community college. Hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of students will be enrolled at the college. You will see new faces every day on campus. You could see a former high school classmate every now and then but eventually you might enjoy seeing a familiar face.

Along with new people to meet, you will have a class schedule that is completely different. Unlike high school, you will be able to schedule classes whenever you want. If you’d rather have classes in the morning so you can dedicate the rest of your time to a part-time job, go for it. If you prefer to sleep in and want your classes in the evening, that works, too. There is no timeline to receive your associate’s degree so you are also able to move as slowly or as quickly as you’d like.

You also have the option to take more diverse classes than you did in high school. Chances are that if you didn’t like a certain subject in high school, you will not need to take a lot of that subject at your community college. You’ll also be exposed all new classes that you did not have the opportunity to take in high school.

If high school came easily to you, you might be in for a shock. Although it isn’t a four-year institution, community college still is a college. That means the classes will be harder. So you cannot put in the same effort as you did in high school and expect to succeed. But luckily you will still have plenty of resources available to you to make sure you will do well in your classes.

Life outside of the classroom will be different in community college than what it was in high school, too. Community colleges offer extracurriculars, just like any four-year university. If you couldn’t find a club or sport that interested you in high school, odds are you will be able to find something that will interest you in college. And if you still can’t find something that interests you on campus, you can likely start your own club.

If you decide to pursue your bachelor’s degree after completing your associate’s degree, follow these steps to make sure your transfer is as smooth as possible.

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