The Difference Between Early Action and Early Decision

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Here’s the difference between early action and early decision in college admissions.

Early decision plans are binding. If you apply early decision to a college, you are committing to that college. Early action students can apply early to colleges, just like early decision students. The difference is that early action students are not required to go to the college they applied to.

The main benefit of applying early decision is that you find out within a few weeks of applying if you were accepted into a college. Some colleges like to admit a large percentage of students early decision. That means your chances of getting into those colleges could be higher.

There are some cons to applying early decision. You cannot change your mind, and you might not be able to negotiate the financial aid you receive. It’ll be hard to withdraw your application – you would have to prove dire financial hardship.

Early action students still receive their application decision early in the admissions cycle. Early action plans give students time to think over which college they would like to attend. This also gives students the time to see what financial aid plans each college offers and the opportunity to negotiate for more.

Early action plans also offer some cons. If you are not sold on the colleges you apply early action to, there is a chance you will have to go back and apply during rolling admissions periods for other colleges. If you are not an outstanding applicant, colleges have the option to defer your application.

Like any choice regarding your college decision, carefully consider which option is the best for you.

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