Dual Enrollment Programs

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Dual enrollment programs have a positive impact on high school students. These programs, which are free, allow participants to take college courses and earn credit while they are in high school. According to a study from What Works Clearing house, dual enrollment programs are also believed to have a positive effect on high school students staying in school and attending regularly.

These programs are designed to boost college access and degree attainment for underrepresented students. These students are supported in three ways:

  • Dual enrollment programs allowed high school students to experience college-level courses that will prepare them for the social requirements and academic rigor of being a college student. Students will go into college having better time-management skills because of these programs.
  • Students who earn college credit in high school are more likely to complete a college degree. Because they have taken some courses, they will have more motivation to earn their degree.
  • Dual enrollment programs sometimes offer discounted tuition. This reduces the overall price of college, allowing a degree to be more attainable to a low-income student.

If a dual enrollment program is right for you, talk to your counselor for more information. You also can discuss taking an AP course or earning college credit during a gap year from college. If it works for your schedule and you are eligible for it, you can never go wrong by choosing to earn college credit before college.

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