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What to Expect Freshman Year of High School

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The transition between eighth grade and freshman year in high school is a big deal. Here are some things you can expect for the upcoming school year.

You will need to study more. It’s no secret that high school will be harder and require more work than middle school. If you go in with this knowledge, you will have an advantage. Put together a study schedule. Have a list of tutors on hand in case you feel yourself starting to struggle.

You will make new friends. Odds are that not all of your middle school friends will be attending the same high school as you. You’ll need to put in extra effort for those friendships, but you still can remain friends. Stay open to the idea of more friends. You will meet many new people in high school. You can’t have too many friends.

You may have a hard time adjusting. Some days you might feel on top of the world in your new environment. Other days, you might desperately miss your old school. That’s normal. This is a big adjustment. Just be patient with yourself and you will feel at home in no time.

You will realize that it is never too early to start thinking about college. Your middle school teachers probably didn’t talk about college too much. That will change in high school. Your high school teachers are here to guide you to college. Stay ahead of your classmates by periodically tending to your College Greenlight profile.

You will learn a lot about yourself. High school will broaden your horizons more than middle school. You’ll be introduced to new extracurriculars that could lead to new passions. You’ll dive deeper into new topics into your classes, and that could spark an interest that will turn into a college major. The world is at your fingertips.

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