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College Application Help

With November just a few days away, we know that your teachers and counselors have been telling you how important it is to start your college applications. Many early decision and early action deadlines fall in November, and regular admission deadlines are not much later. But with so much else to do during your senior year, staying on top of so many different applications can be exhausting!

That’s why you should join us this Saturday for our College Application Marathon.

The marathon is your chance to

1. Get help on your college applications from college admissions and financial aid experts

2. Win money for your hard work by qualifying for raffles and scholarships just by showing us that you’re working on your applications

3. Start your college search confidently

And all from the comfort of your own home.

The marathon takes place online, and registration is easy. All you have to do is sign into your College Greenlight profile and click on the Marathon banner at the top of your student dashboard. And if you don’t have a College Greenlight profile yet, it only takes a few minutes to fill one out (which you can do by clicking here).

We want you to go to your dream school, but you’ve got to apply first! So make sure you join us this Saturday to make sure your college dreams become a reality.


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