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GPA stands for “Grade Point Average” and is the average of a student’s grades. Your GPA matters: it is the key factor for getting into the college of your dreams. College admissions officers look at a student’s GPA before anything else when they look at an applicant’s admission folder, and research shows it is the number one indicator of being successful at the college level.

Ok, so GPA is important… What can you do to improve yours? To raise your GPA, you’re going to need to improve your study habits, and work hard. Start by calculating your current GPA, and then set goals for your GPA each semester and monitor yourself throughout the year.

Once you have an idea of what your GPA is, it’s time to work on your study skills. Having good study skills will help you get better grades, so what can you do to study more effectively? The first thing we recommend is for students to pay attention in class. This may seem obvious, but sometimes, students just aren’t paying attention! Check if you’re paying attention by participating in class and asking questions; this way you’ll really be learning the material, and will have to spend less time cramming for tests. You should also be actively taking notes in class, and, after class, reviewing your notes, highlighting key ideas and making annotations on the side of your notes that you want to add a little more thought to. Make sure you’re scheduling time to study and creating a space that you associate with studying – whether that’s in your room at your desk, in the library, or wherever works for you. Learn more study tips here!

Another tip to raise your GPA is by taking AP classes. Normal classes are graded on a 4.0 scale, and the GPA is also based on a 4.0 scale. Advanced Placement classes, however, are graded on a 5.0 scale. So throwing in some AP classes in there, and getting good grades in them, will quickly boost your GPA. Know that these classes will be harder, but colleges appreciate seeing students take more risk and not just sticking to easy-A courses.

The goal of “Get the GPA You Need” is to write out your goal GPA per school year, so that you’ll have the GPA you need your senior year to get into the colleges on your college list. Use the study tips we recommend, do good work, make a plan, and stick to it!

To learn more about how to calculate your GPA, how to improve your study habits, and more information you’ll need to raise your GPA, check out


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