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Get to Know Ferris State University     

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Ferris State University is a four-year public institution located in Big Rapids, a city in west-central Michigan. Founded in 1884, Ferris is known for its variety of academic opportunities and the college boasts around 180 undergraduate and graduate degrees and is home to Kendall College of Art and Design as well as the Michigan College of Optometry.

Mission Statement

“Ferris State University prepares students for successful careers, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. Through its many partnerships and its career-oriented, broad-based education, Ferris serves our rapidly changing global economy and society.”

What sets Ferris State University apart from other colleges?

Because of their career-oriented approach to academics, Ferris provides students with a unique “laddering” system, allowing students to transition from certain two-year degrees easily into a Bachelor’s degree.  Ferris seeks to develop students through a professional and technical education that prepares them for their lives after college, and offers courses at 20 locations all across the state of Michigan as well as online to make attending as convenient as possible.

FSU is also home to a wide-array of educational programs that span eight different academic colleges and units, including the schools of Engineering Technology, Pharmacy, Health Professions and more.   Kendall College of Art and Design serves students interested in fine arts, with programs in Art Education, Furniture Design, Fashion Studies, as well as the region’s first BFA in Medical Illustration.  The Michigan College of Optometry offers doctoral and post-doctoral students a rigorous academic setting that will prepare them for a challenging and rewarding career as an optometrist.

Why is Ferris State University a good fit for Greenlight students?

Greenlight students who attend Ferris will find a campus culture that is supportive to a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Ferris believes that diversity is an “essential part of the makeup of great educational institutions” which can be seen through a number of avenues, including the Diversity and Inclusion Office, which supports faculty, staff and students with events, resources, and other initiatives to create a welcoming campus community.  Registered student organizations like the Minority Student Council, Circle of Tribal Nations, and African Student Union provide students with further opportunities to participate in discussions and events.

Does Ferris State University sound like the right fit for you? Make sure to check out their profile and College Greenlight and add them to your college list!

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