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Get to Know Lindenwood University

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Lindenwood University is located in the heart of St. Charles, Missouri, just west of St. Louis. It offers a wide array of majors, plenty of opportunity to get involved on campus, and is proud of its diverse and inclusive culture. We talked to the admissions team to find out what Greenlight students can expect to find at the private Missouri institution.

What makes your institution stand out from others students may be considering?

  • We offer ongoing leadership development opportunities including Leadership Series, Elevate Leadership Certification, Lunch with Leaders, and our award-winning Collegiate Leadership Competition Team.

What support services or diversity initiatives do you offer?

  • We have the First-Generation Collegians group, an engagement and mentoring group connecting first-generation students, faculty, and staff.
  • First-Gen Bridge allows students to engage the campus community prior to New Student Orientation and actually complete a 1 semester hour interactive career explorations course prior to the beginning of their first semester.

What should College Greenlight students know about financial aid at your institution?

  • 98% of students at Lindenwood qualify for institutional aid.  We offer merit, need, and diversity awards to students to help make their education more affordable.  In addition, we also have one of the lowest tuition rates for a private college/university in Missouri!  
  • Lindenwood understands that some students may struggle financially due to unforeseen circumstances. Funds like the Lion’s Reserve, are made available by donors to help students stay on their educational path.

What does your institution’s campus and its surrounding area have to offer students? (Cultural opportunities, outdoor recreation, athletics)

  • There are a diverse mix of opportunities to get involved: over 80 student organizations involving over 1600 students and hosting over 1700 events and meetings last year. We also offer specific programming for international and commuter students.

What else should students and counselors know?

  • Every student is assigned a Lion Life Coach. Lion Life Coaches form a supportive mentorship to help with transition to college living, development of learning strategies, or to provide a sense of belonging and connection to the campus community.
  • Students are able to connect to faculty and peers within their major during their first semester while attending a self-selected first-year seminar course.

Contact or 636.949.4949 for any inquiries.

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