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Greenlight to College Marathon FAQs

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The Greenlight to College Marathon is Feb. 25. This event gives students the opportunity to earn money for college. If you’re looking for more information before you or your students sign up, here is a guide to everything you need to know.

What is the Marathon?

The Greenlight to College Marathon is a free event that gives students a chance to earn up to $100 every hour from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Feb. 25. It occurs online at

I’m a counselor, and I’m hosting an event. What should I do first?

Counselors hosting a marathon must complete this form to be entered to win a $50 gift card.

Do students have to register for the marathon to participate?

All students must register. Create a free College Greenlight account or log in to their existing profile to register.  They’ll be prompted to register for the marathon. Registrations begin Feb. 1 and go until the day of the marathon.

How do I promote the marathon to my students?

Share this blog post with your students and encourage them to register for the marathon here. Make sure your students RSVP to the corresponding Facebook event as a reminder.

How do students enter the hourly contests?

The day of the marathon, students should log into their College Greenlight account. They will be prompted to complete a form and upload photos of the following:

  • Confirmation email or webpage from scholarship provider acknowledging completed application
  • Selfie at a campus visit or college fair
  • College list on College Greenlight (Six schools minimum)
  • Completed Greenlight Scholars application

Take a look at the official rules of the contest here.

How will contest winners be announced?

The winners will be announced during the marathon at the beginning of every hour at and The winners will be contacted directly via email from the Greenlight team.

 How can students find match scholarships?

Students must log into their College Greenlight account and completely fill out their profile to be matched with scholarships.

If students applied to a scholarship before the marathon can they enter them in the hourly contests?

Yes, students can upload proof of any scholarship with a screenshot from the scholarship provider acknowledging they received the application.

If I have a question for the College team, how can I get in contact with them?

Contact us at

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