Greenlight to College Month

Greenlight to College Month & Marathon 2016 Recap

Comments Off on Greenlight to College Month & Marathon 2016 Recap 01 March 2016

All February, we celebrated Greenlight to College Month–our annual event that gives students the incentive to jump-start their scholarship search and application process.   Each week, we awarded hundreds of dollars in prizes to students who entered our raffles.  We also ended the month with a bang: our day-long, online event the Greenlight to College Marathon.   Throughout the day, experts gave online presentations and live chat advice, and students from around the country submitted proof that they’re filling out their FAFSA, applying for scholarships, and visiting college campuses!

Check out a few pictures of our great Greenlight students visiting colleges like Gonzaga, University of South Florida, University of Wisconsin-Madison and more!

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