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Greenlight-to-College Winner Deonna Gets Accepted into #1 College Choice!

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The ultimate goal for us here at Greenlight is to see our students getting accepted into their dream colleges. Nothing warms our hearts so much as hearing that a student used us to find their ideal college.

When Deonna was chosen as our Greenlight to College winner, we didn’t know that she’d been accepted into the nursing program of her dreams; we just knew that she was active on her Greenlight profile, using it to organize her college choices and apply to scholarships. Far be it for us to steal the show, we’ll let Deonna tell the good news!

Describe how you used College Greenlight to help you in your college and scholarship search process.

I was referred to College Greenlight by my high school counselor. The website was so helpful! I looked into so many different scholarships and the website helped me find what school was right for me. I ended up getting accepted to my #1 college choice – Tallahassee Community College for Nursing.

What’s the best advice you’d share with students who are starting their college or scholarship search/application process? 

My advice to future college students would be to search for a school that feels right for you! Look into the college location, their offered programs, and visit to see if you like the environment.

We’d say that’s pretty sound advice, Deonna. Congrats on winning the $1,000 Greenlight to College scholarship, and we wish you all the best as you begin your postsecondary-education journey! 

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