High School Juniors: You Need a Relationship with Your Counselor

Comments Off on High School Juniors: You Need a Relationship with Your Counselor 08 November 2017

Junior year of high school is the most important of high school. Your high school counselor can guide you through this vital year. Here are a few reasons to build a solid relationship with your counselor.

Picking classes. You obviously need to fulfill certain requirements, but with the help of a counselor, you can select classes that fulfill those requirements and impress colleges. Your counselor will know exactly what a college wants to see on your transcript.

College selection. Unsure where to go to college? Your counselor can help with that. He or she will be familiar with your academic performance and have a general knowledge of what plenty of colleges out there are looking for.

College questions. When the time comes to apply to college, you are bound to have questions. This is especially true if you are a first-generation student. Your counselor has been through this multiple times and they have seen almost every situation out there. Rely on them for help.

Scholarships. As long as your College Greenlight profile is up-to-date, we will continue to match you with scholarships. A second resource doesn’t hurt, though. Your counselor can help you find local scholarships.

Mentorship. Everyone can use an extra support system during the college application process. Your counselor can be that person for you. They understand this process and the stress that comes with it. Don’t be afraid to go to your counselor for help.

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