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Pros and Cons of a Summer College Visit

0 Comments 07 June 2017

College visits: It’s not a question of if you should do it but when. Take a look at the pros and cons of planning a college visit during the summer to see if this is the right time for you. Pro: It’s a Vacation College visits usually are crammed into one weekend. But when you […]

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Why You Should Spend the Summer Volunteering

0 Comments 06 June 2017

Volunteering is a way to become more desirable to colleges. Check out these reasons for why you should spend the summer volunteering. Find a new passion. There’s an endless list of places you can volunteer at – hospitals, nonprofits and animal shelters, to name a few. If you are undecided about what major you intend […]

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Scholarships Expiring in June

0 Comments 31 May 2017

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop working. Summer break allows you extra time to search for scholarships. Check out these scholarships expiring in June. Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship – This scholarship is for students at lest 16 years old. The criteria used to evaluate applicants includes involvement in extracurricular […]

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Make the Most of Summer

0 Comments 30 May 2017

Think of your summer break as extra time to prepare for college. Follow these steps to make sure you’re optimizing the next few months. Volunteer Find an organization you are passionate and look at volunteer opportunities. A positive volunteer experience can be a great topic for a scholarship or college essay. Colleges will be impressed […]

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Helping Students Overcome Undermatch

0 Comments 24 May 2017

For many high achieving, low-income students, undermatch is a real phenomenon. Undermatch occurs when a qualified student attends a college or university that is below his or her grades, test scores and abilities. Academically promising students wind up in community college or mediocre four-year colleges. Often times, they receive less financial, academic and social support […]

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