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Pros and Cons of a Summer College Visit

Comments Off on Pros and Cons of a Summer College Visit 07 June 2017

College visits: It’s not a question of if you should do it but when. Take a look at the pros and cons of planning a college visit during the summer to see if this is the right time for you.

Pro: It’s a Vacation

College visits usually are crammed into one weekend. But when you visit during the summer, you can take your time. You can explore the sights a campus offers. Take a look at dorms, the library and academic buildings you might spend time in. With the freedom that summer has to offer, you can stretch the visit across a few days. Plus, you’ll even have the time to check out the surrounding city.

Con: Few Students

Your potential academic program is one of the most important reasons to pick a college. Feeling at home with the other students, however, is just as important. There will be fewer students on campus if you visit during the summer. Unfortunately, that means you might not be able to experience the energy that the students bring to the campus. Consider visiting that college again in the fall to see what it’s like full of students.

Pro: More Attention

College visits during the academic year can be filled with dozens of students. During the summer, there’s a good chance it’ll just be you and maybe one or two other prospective students. That means the tour guide will have more time to give to you. Use this to your advantage and ask as many questions as you want.

Con: Fewer Activities

Since summer means fewer students on campus, that means fewer activities to see. During the fall, colleges often offer overnight visits. That means you can spend the night with a student in his or her dorm room. You shadow them in classes and extracurricular activities. You might have the option to see a summer school course, but visiting a college during the summer will limit the number of student activities you can experience.

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