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Scholarship Marathon Countdown: Collaborate

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The Second Annual Scholarship Marathon is right around the corner! To get you ready, we’ve got 2 weeks of great tips to help you prep plenty of scholarship applications. Follow our advice and you’ll not only become an expert at tackling tons of scholarships, but you’ll be ahead of the pack on the day of the marathon. Remember, the Marathon is on Saturday, March 22nd, and runs all day from 9am-9pm CST.

If you haven’t registered yet, it’s easy, and you can get started at this link.

Now for today’s tip: collaborate!

You’re putting lots of hard work into your essays, profile, transcripts, and applications. Now, see if if a trusted friend or mentor can look over your application materials for you and provide you with good feedback on what looks great, and what needs work.

Like most valuable but time-consuming pursuits, searching for scholarships can be pretty tiring. By taking advantage of people whose opinion you trust, you can make sure that any errant mistakes or missed paperwork doesn’t fall through the cracks!

You are doing great, and are getting so close to the marathon! We’re excited to see you on Saturday.

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