Is Senior Year too Late to Plan for College?

Comments Off on Is Senior Year too Late to Plan for College? 01 November 2017

If you realize your college dream a little later than others, don’t worry. You can plan for college as a high school senior. Here are some tips for how to do that:

Check out college application dates. Sure, some colleges have November 1 deadlines, but there are plenty out there that have late deadlines. In fact, many colleges have January, February or May 1 deadlines. You might find a college that has rolling admissions deadline.

Take an admissions test. Before you consider applying to college, you need to take the SAT or ACT. The SAT has a test date December 2 and the ACT has a test date December 9. Colleges sometimes accept applications without test scores and allow you to send them later, but it’s smart to register as soon as possible. College Greenlight offers resources for free SAT prep and free ACT prep.

Do extra preparation. Use your remaining time in high school to spruce up your resume. See if you can squeeze in some honors/AP classes, volunteer experience and extracurriculars.

Remember, a gap year is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your next year. You can use that time to prepare for college applications for the next academic year.

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