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Spotlight on Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a college of more than 6,000 students (both undergrad and graduate) in Worcester, Massachusetts. The college places an emphasis on students who are creative and curious, enjoy working in teams to get things done and love math and science but are passionate about other things such as music, art or movies.

The campus is a medium-sized community that is made up of students from many different cultures. It offers a personalized experience where “students aren’t treated like numbers and are able to make impacts in the ways that matter to them,” according to the college. It also emphasizes project-based learning, where students apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

The college offers both need-based and merit financial aid. That aid includes need-based financial aid packages, merit-based scholarships, on-campus employment and loan programs and payment plans for parents. Most students receive grants averaging about $20,000.

The college also provides a fly-in program, which allows students from low-income families to tour the campus. It also boasts that 15 percent of its students are first-generation. Worcester Polytechnic Institute also is committed to diversity and runs a Connections Program to increase domestic students of color in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

It also runs the Frontiers program, a residential, on-campus summer program for high school students.

The college also is home to one of two goat mascots in the country, Gompei. The mascot was named for Gompei Kuwada, a 1983 graduate. The college’s freshman and sophomores compete each year to win the Goat’s Head Trophy, a bronze statue of the mascot. The competition includes a rope pulling competition and plays out through events during the course of the year.

The college also has diverse student activities ranging from traditional sports to gaming. There are more than 200 student organizations on campus.

Here are some other standout traits of WPI:

  • 92 percent of WPI students are employed or in full-time graduate school within six months of graduation
  • Scholarships are available to rising juniors and seniors
  • 98 percent of first-year students receive some form of financial aid
  • It was named one of the Top Colleges Doing the Most for the American Dream by the New York Times
  • Starting salaries for college graduates were about a third higher than the national average
  • It is test-optional with no strings attached

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