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How to Stand Out on the Greenlight Scholars Application

Comments Off on How to Stand Out on the Greenlight Scholars Application 18 September 2017

The Greenlight Scholars Application is made for students like you. This application is designed to help first-generation and low-income students stand out. Here are some tips for making your application the best it can be.

Think like an admissions officer. Try to get yourself in the mindset of an admissions counselor. Think about what they want to see in a potential student. Admissions counselors want to know that you have examined your strengths and why you belong at a particular college. It’s important to demonstrate drive and determination. It’s important that you tell your story to the admissions officer.

Write an essay that outlines your unique experiences. Your application essay is where you will get the opportunity to share your experiences as a first-generation and/or low-income student. Students are more than just grades and test scores, and Greenlight Scholars partner colleges want to see what makes you special. Use this essay to show off your academics, skills, experience and potential. Share specific stories from your background as a low-income and/or first-generation student so college admissions counselors can see how you have succeeded despite obstacles in your path.

Build your college list. Greenlight Scholars partner colleges are dedicated to helping low-income and first-generation students succeed. Take a look at the colleges on the application and see which ones offer the best financial aid packages. Colleges love to have a well-rounded student body. Be sure to apply to colleges that are looking for students like you.

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