Study Tips for Freshman Year of College

Comments Off on Study Tips for Freshman Year of College 09 October 2017

You might have nailed down a study routine that worked for you in high school, but college is a different game. Here are some study tips for freshman year.

Make a study calendar. Your professors will give you a syllabus that outlines the semester. Write down every exam date and assignment deadline. This will help you to stay on track.

Location matters. In high school, you probably studied at home or at a local library. Your college will be full of different locations to study at, but it is key that you find the location tat works best for you. If you like silence while you study, the quiet section of the library might be best for you. If you like a little noise, grab a table at your campus coffee shop. Try a few of these locations and see what works best for you.

Time management. Time management is important in high school but even more important in college. As a college student, you will balance class, extracurricular organizations and potentially a job and/or internship. You need to carve time out of your busy schedule for studying so you can succeed in your classes and enjoy your free time as well.

Rewrite your notes. As a freshman, the majority of your classes will consist of reading assignments, followed by your professor lecturing on that material. It is vital that you take good notes during class. A great way to make these notes really stick is to either rewrite or re-type them when you are studying later that night.

Organize a study group. A great thing about college is that you will not be in classes for a large chunk of the day. Find some classmates with similar schedules and create study groups. You can combine notes and have an all-encompassing study guide.

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