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Summer Snapshot: St. John’s Summer Academy

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Every summer, St. John’s College hosts the St. John’s Summer Academy for students age 15 to 18 which features the Great Books Summer program. This pre-college, residential summer program is designed to introduce students to college life in one-week sessions while discussing Great Books—the works of Shakespeare, Aristotle, Homer, Plato, and more. Every week has a different thematic emphasis and students choose two subjects to focus on during their time at St. John’s, which are: laboratory science, mathematics, language, music, visual arts, and rhetoric.

Discussion-based and interdisciplinary, classes are small and led by St. John’s faculty, known as “tutors,” who will grapple with topics both intellectually and imaginatively. High schoolers will be introduced to critical thinking and discussion using the Western Canon of the great books curriculum, which was adopted by St. John’s in 1937. The summer program often includes off-campus activities, as well, that take advantage of the topographical or historical elements of the location.


The Summer Academy takes place at both campuses in Annapolis, MD, and Santa Fe, NM. There are five sessions this coming summer 2019:

Annapolis, MD

June 30th-July 6th: Revolution and Rebellion—Justice and Law

July 7th-July 13th: Freedom and Order—Creating Laws, Government, and Society

Santa Fe, NM

July 14th-July 20th: Beginnings—Inquiring Into the Origins of Politics, Poetry, and Mathematics

July 21st-July 27th: The Beautiful and the Sublime—Exploring Visual Forms in Art and Nature

July 28th-Aug. 3rd: Technology and Transcendence—Scientific Ambition and the Human Condition

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and require a short explanation of why the Great Books Summer Program is for you, as well as an unofficial transcript. Each session’s tuition is $1,100 if deposits are made June 1st. After that, there is a price hike. The tuition covers room, board, books, swag, activity fees, and weekend activities, if applicable. Financial aid is available on the registration page and is campus-specific.  


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