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How Do I Use this Tool: The College Center

No Comments 12 April 2017

College Greenlight is here to make your college process less stressful. Watch this video to get tips on how you can work smarter as you make your college decisions.

Here are tools you can use on College Greenlight:

+ College Messaging: Connect with admissions representatives from colleges that want to meet you

+ What Are My Chances Calculator: See your chances of getting into a college or university

+ College List: Build and organize your college list by reach, match and safety schools

+ College Profiles and Net Price Estimator: Learn how much financial aid colleges could offer you  

+ Blog: Find a list of colleges that will fly you to visit their campus for FREE


Don’t forget to create or log in to your College Greenlight account.


Guide: Create Student Accounts and Connect to Counselors

No Comments 12 April 2017

Here are five easy steps to help students create their College Greenlight account and connect to their organization counselor. Once completed, students can explore opportunities ranging from campus fly-in programs to local scholarships.

Don’t forget to share these instructions with your students and colleagues. Download instructions here.

Step 1: At www.CollegeGreenlight.com, click create account.

Step 2: Enter your email and password

Step 3: Complete your contact information

Step 4: Complete your academic background

+Don’t forget to click yes to the last question of this page. You will be prompted to find your organization and counselor. Once connected, your counselor can follow your progress.

Step 5: Complete Your college preferences
You’re all set.

Money, Scholarships

Greenlight to College Scholarship

No Comments 09 March 2017

College Greenlight is dedicated to helping the next generation of college students overcome obstacles to higher education. The Greenlight to College Scholarship is dedicated to making college more accessible to these students. Applications are due Dec. 31 and the scholarship award amount is $1,000.

This scholarship is for juniors and seniors in high school. Applicants must demonstrate academic merit, leadership history and extracurricular activities. Students also should embody College Greenlight’s mission in at least one way: demonstrating financial need, having underrepresented minority status or being a first-generation college student. Preference will be given to students participating in a college preparatory program.

To apply, log on to your College Greenlight profile. Select “College Greenlight Scholarships” in your Scholarship Center. Select the Greenlight to College Scholarship and hit the Apply Now button.

Just like that, you will be considered for the scholarship. At College Greenlight, we want our students to have access to every scholarship opportunity they are eligible for. The Greenlight to College Scholarship can get you one step closer to attending your dream college and landing your perfect job.

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