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Academic New Year’s Resolutions

No Comments 08 January 2018

Many people make resolutions to improve some aspect of their lives for the new year. Some people aim to hit the gym more, while others might look to rekindle friendships with people they haven’t spoken to in a while. The resolutions people make run the gamut, but many times have something to do with weight — we’re all for being healthy, but, and can we just be honest? Those resolutions get abandoned faster than it takes to use QuickPay for fast food. So, why not switch it up this year and choose a resolution with some sticking power — say, something in the academic realm?

Get organized — Tests and assignment due dates come up quickly. We all know what it’s like to have that sudden, nasty realization that a large project we were supposed to be working on all month is due tomorrow. Let’s nip that crap in the bud right now! Keep a calendar of these dates so you don’t fall behind and have plenty of time to study. We like to choose an awesome calendar to do it, too, and you can find a plethora of them on Amazon! Hang that beaut up by where you do your homework and you’ll feel totally on top of things.

Research more colleges — No matter what point you’re at in high school, it never hurts to learn about more colleges. Make sure you know what’s out there before you start applying. What are you imagining your college life will be? Are you looking to head to the big city and a school with upwards of 15,000 students or are you imagining something a little bit smaller with less than 5,000? What are your thoughts on a liberal arts college? There are a lot of questions, so you might as well start getting answers from yourself!

Raise your GPA — While this might be a bit more of a challenge than the others on our list, we’re positive that you can handle it. We have some concrete tips for how you can do it, too. First, analyze what you’ve been doing so far. How many hours are you dedicating to studying? Would increasing the amount of time spent on homework or hitting the books help or should your next step be a tutor? One of the absolutely best things you can do to help your grades is speak directly to your teacher about issues that you’ve been having. Putting visible effort into improving is priceless.

Connect with your counselor — As a high school underclassman, your counselor can guide you towards picking the right courses and extracurriculars to get noticed by colleges. As an upperclassman, your counselor can help through the college application process. Having a positive relationship with your counselor will make the entire high school experience a smoother one.

Get involved with more extracurriculars — Colleges love to see extracurriculars. They show colleges that you’re a well-rounded individual. More importantly, though, they can help guide you to your future career — seriously. Determining what you love to do and how you can make that a full-time, paying job is one of the biggest bonuses of checking out a bunch of different extracurriculars. Explore your options!

Whether you decide to take on any of these resolutions is completely up to you. Pick one and set yourself a timeline for accomplishing the goal — it helps keep you accountable! We at College Greenlight wish you a fantastic New Year with many successful adventures!



Guide: Create Student Accounts and Connect to Counselors

No Comments 12 April 2017

Here are five easy steps to help students create their College Greenlight account and connect to their organization counselor. Once completed, students can explore opportunities ranging from campus fly-in programs to local scholarships.

Don’t forget to share these instructions with your students and colleagues. Download instructions here.

Step 1: At www.CollegeGreenlight.com, click create account.

Step 2: Enter your email and password

Step 3: Complete your contact information

Step 4: Complete your academic background

+Don’t forget to click yes to the last question of this page. You will be prompted to find your organization and counselor. Once connected, your counselor can follow your progress.

Step 5: Complete Your college preferences
You’re all set.

Counselor Resources

Tips for Writing an Effective Letter of Recommendation

No Comments 15 November 2016

Your students have started applying to colleges, and letter of recommendation are a vital part of this process. As their counselor, it is your role to help guide them through each step. Due to this working relationship, some of your students may ask you to write a letter of recommendation for their college and scholarship applications. Here are some tips for writing your students an effective college recommendation letter.

Know your own qualifications. If a student asks you to write him or her a letter of recommendation, make sure you are the right person for the job. Meet with the student to discuss their academic and career goals, along with their choice of college, and their extracurricular activities. Ask for a copy of their accomplishments resume.

If you do not believe you can write a positive letter of recommendation, kindly tell the student that you are not the right person to write their letter. You can always direct the student to another faculty or staff member better suited for the job.

Structure your letter correctly. Once you decide to move forward with writing a letter of recommendation, structure it in the following way:

  1. Start the letter with a sentence or two of praise for the student.
  2. In your introduction, identify yourself and describe your relationship with the student – how do you know the student and for how long.
  3. The next paragraph should discuss the student’s work in the classroom or the work they have done for you. When writing about the student’s work, be detailed and specific without relying on hyperbole. Be realistic. Admissions committees may be wary of over-the-top praise unsupported by specific evidence.
  4. The third paragraph should address the student’s characteristics, including a balanced discussion of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Continue to include specific examples of praise, while avoiding hyperboles and clichés. Include comparisons, especially with previous students who have been admitted by the college or who have won the scholarship.
  5. Your conclusion should summarize the student’s best qualities and accomplishments. The letter should close on a positive note, repeating your recommendation for the student to be admitted to the college or win the scholarship.

A well-structured letter will improve your student’s chances for admission. Keep the letter of recommendation to one page in length, ideally, and no more than two pages. Use active voice instead of passive voice for a more powerful letter of recommendation.

Write honestly and fairly. Give an accurate portrayal of the student, while remaining positive. A negative or neutral letter may harm the student’s chances of admission. But, do not be afraid to offer criticism – just bring it back to a positive note. For example, if a student did poorly in a class one semester, discuss how they improved their study habits and narrowed their focus to bring up their grades for the next semester.

A well-written letter of recommendation may help your student get into the college of his or her dreams – don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

Greenlight Scholars

Tips for Completing Your Greenlight Scholars Application

No Comments 01 November 2016

Don’t let expensive application fees and complicated admissions applications stop you from pursuing your college dreams. The Greenlight Scholars Application is a free application that makes it easy to apply to multiple colleges without time-consuming extra essays and questions for each college. Applying to college should be a simple, streamlined process. Here are some tips for using the Greenlight Scholars Application to achieve your college goals!

Target your college list. The Greenlight Scholars Application allows you to apply to many colleges at the same time. So, be sure to narrow down your college list as much as possible before you apply. Aim for a good mix of safety, match and reach schools. A safety school is a college where your grades and admissions test scores are above average for the college’s accepted students, a match school means that your grades and test scores fall perfectly in line with the college’s accepted students, and a reach school is one where your grades and test scores and GPA fall below the college’s accepted students. No matter what your chances are of being accepted into each college, every college on your list should be a good social and financial fit for you.

Share your story in your essay. The Greenlight Scholars Application is designed to showcase your strengths and talents. Share your story, so the colleges can see a more complete picture of you. The Greenlight Scholars partner colleges are passionate about serving talented first-generation and low-income students. Be yourself and tell them why you deserve a spot at their college. To do this, think like an admissions officer. On top of sharing your unique perspective, your essay should also display strong writing and an authentic voice. Have someone you trust read over your essay to ensure you hit all these points!

Talk with your counselor. If you haven’t already, develop a good relationship with your counselor, who will help you through the college admissions process. They can answer your questions and give you advice. Your counselor can review your Greenlight Scholars Application and make suggestions before you submit it to colleges. They can give you recommendations that speak to why you deserve a spot at that institution!

We want to make sure the Greenlight Scholars Application is simple and stress free. Please let us know if you run into any problems! Email us at application@cappex.com if you need help or find inaccurate information.

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