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How To Know If You Need to Retake the ACT

No Comments 08 March 2017

Students can retake the ACT up to 12 times. But the real question is, should you retake the test? Ask yourself the following questions to see if retaking the ACT is the right move for you.

Are You A Sophomore Or Junior?

If the material on the test confuses you, it might not be your fault. The ACT contains material that students might not encounter until the end of their junior year. If you prepare during the summer, you might have a better chance of improving your score if you take the test during the end of your junior year or beginning of your senior year.

What Scores Are Necessary For The Colleges On Your List?

Enter one of the colleges on your list into Cappex’s Scattergram. Then, enter your GPA and ACT scores. The Scattergram shows you where you compare to other students admitted to this school. Repeat this with every school on your list. If your ACT score tends to be below average, it might be a good idea to retake the test.

How Many Times Have You Taken The ACT?

It is true that the more times you take the ACT, the more likely you are to raise your score. But it has been proven that generally, after taking the ACT three times, your score will not improve. If this is the case for you, and you still haven’t reached the ideal ACT score for your dream college, you might need to reevaluate what college would be best for you.

Is Your Ideal Score Realistic?

Raising your ACT score by a few points will require hard work, but it is possible. Make sure, however, that you do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. Know yourself and know your academic abilities. If you are disappointed with the score you end up with, remember that colleges look at more than just your ACT scores when they are considering you for admission.

How Did You Prepare for the ACT?

If you prepared for the ACT on your own and are not happy with your scores, you should reevaluate how you study. Look into ACT prep classes or one-on-one tutoring sessions. There also are a variety of free resources that can help you prepare for the test. Find a resource to match your learning style, and you may see a huge difference the next time you take the ACT.


Free SAT Prep

No Comments 28 February 2017

Preparing for the SAT doesn’t have to cost a thing. Here are free resources for SAT prep:

Veritas Prep

This program offers free SAT classes and SAT video tips. This course is an opportunity to increase your test score. The instructor has a 99th percentile SAT score and thousands of hours of SAT teaching experience. You’ll learn strategies for vocabulary-in-context questions and the math tests. Vertias Prep guarantees this class will raise your score by 30 points.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a personalized SAT practice program for free. You can import your PSAT/NMSQT results to pinpoint areas you should practice. This program provides thousands of practice questions, video lessons and hints. Once you are ready, you get seven full-length practice tests. You’ll consistently receive feedback to know where you need to improve.

Prep Factory

This website aims to make studying for the SAT fun. This website offers games that will test your vocabulary, math and grammar skills. Between the games, take a look at the SAT strategy modules to learn the best strategy to tackle the test. Once you have completed the modules, try one of the practice tests. Each test includes a step-by-step breakdown for how to approach each question.

Mometrix Academy

This is a free resource provided by Mometix Test Preparation. The program offers a math, reading and writing review. After you have completed the reviews, you can take a practice test in each of these areas. If you feel you have benefited from the free program, you can move on to Mometrix’s paid SAT study guide and flash card study system.


4Tests is site dedicated practice exams. The website offers two 50-question math and evidence-based reading tests. Each practice test has been crafted to reflect the contents of the 2017 SAT. The website goes into detail about what the SAT is all about and what you can expect from each section.

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