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10 Unusual College Mascots

Comments Off on 10 Unusual College Mascots 22 March 2017

Check out this list of unusual college mascots.

The Billikens

Saint Louis University

St Louis, Mo.

The Saint Louis University mascot is based on a popular toy from the turn of the 20th century. Florence Pretz patented the Billiken in 1908 to compete with the growing popularity of the teddy bear. Although the toy never took off, the university adopted it as its mascot because of its supposed ability to bring good luck.

The Horned Frogs

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, Texas

The university’s mascot also is the state reptile of Texas, which actually is a type of lizard, not frog. A “frog horn machine,” which is a small blinking purple train that spits out smoke, accompanies the mascot at sporting events.

The Cobbers

Concordia College

Moorehead, Minn.

The college’s mascot, Kernel Cobb, was born out of a rivalry with another college. The rival school was located in an urban area so its students teased Concordia students for coming from farmlands. The rival students called Concordia students “corncobs,” so the Concordia students made it a term of endearment and adopted it as their school mascot.

The Banana Slugs

University of California- Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Calif.

Sammy the Banana Slug officially become the university’s mascot in 1986. Throughout the years, Sammy has become quite popular and was voted as the top mascot in 1992 by the National Directory of College Athletics and Sports Illustrated magazine. It’s been rumored that a high-ranking university official has portrayed Sammy at one point.

The Trolls

Trinity Christian College

Palos Heights, Ill.

There are many stories about how the Trolls came to be Trinity’s mascot. One theory is that in 1959, students took the letters TRinity COLLege to come up with “trolls.” Another is that the then-president of the university in 1966 searched in the dictionary for a “tr” noun to alliterate with Trinity, and he settle on “trolls.”

The Orange

Syracuse University

Syrcause, N.Y.

Otto the Orange has the unique distinction of being one of the few, if not the only, fruit college mascot. ESPN recently Syracuse’s mascot as the best in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The Purple Cows

Williams College

Williamstown, Mass.

The Purple Cow was decided upon as the college mascot thanks to a student vote. The name came from a humorous student magazine that was popular on campus. Reader’s Digest recently declared the Purple Cow as the “Most Lovable College Mascot.”

The Hilltoppers

Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, Ky.

Big Red the Hilltopper is known for his “belly slide” and “belly shake.” The mascot’s dancing and earned him appearances on “The Ellen Show” and “Deal or No Deal,” along with earning him a number of awards.

The Fighting Okra

Delta State University

Cleveland, Miss.

The “Fear the Okra” concept was spearheaded by the Delta State students. The exact origin of the Fighting Okra mascot has lots of stories. But one thing that is certain is that the vegetable mascot’s popularity has spread beyond the campus and into the community.

The Fighting Camels

Campbell University

Bules Creek, N.C.

The camels were chosen as the school mascot due to a slight miscommunication. The university’s founder is Dr. James Archibald Campbell. A friend once addressed Dr. Campbell and he misheard him and thought he called him “Camel.” The name stuck.

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