The Summer Challenge Scholarship is Here!

0 Comments 08 April 2016

If you’re a junior, you may be watching the class before you get ready to choose their colleges and graduate, but we haven’t forgotten about helping you to get started looking for colleges this summer!

The College Greenlight Summer Challenge Scholarship is your chance to win one of two $500 scholarships for getting started on your college and scholarship search. Starting May 1st and up to September 1st, you’ll be able to take these easy steps to qualify for the scholarship!

How to Qualify

1. Fill out a free profile on College Greenlight and make sure it is complete and up-to-date 

2. Add 10 colleges to your college list by logging into your account and clicking on the “college” tab at the top of your student dashboard. 

052914_Greenlight College Center


To add colleges to your list, we recommend checking out the profile pages of colleges you’re interested in by entering the school’s name into the search bar on the right-hand side of the page. You should also check out any messages you receive from colleges who are interested in meeting you. These messages mean that a college thinks you would be a good fit on campus, and are a great way to get to know awesome schools you may not have heard of or may not have considered before!

After you’ve added 10 schools to your list, make sure to adjust your rankings so that your favorite schools are listed at the top of your page!

3. Choose 5 scholarships that you’ll apply for and change their status in your scholarship center 

052914_Greenlight Scholarship Center


Your scholarship center will include dozens of opportunities that we’ve matched you with based on your profile. You’ll need to pick at least 5 scholarships that you will apply for and change their status to “will apply” under the “next steps” tab (pictured below).

052914_Scholarship Example

4. Click the APPLY button for the Summer Challenge Scholarship in your College Greenlight Scholarship Center 

052914_Greenlight Scholarships


Access your College Greenlight Scholarships page from your student dashboard and then click the bright green apply button listed next to the Summer Challenge Scholarship!

It’s that easy! So if you’re in the class of 2017 we challenge you to take the time to apply for this awesome opportunity, and get your summer started on the right foot.

This scholarship expires on September 1st, so make sure to take advantage early!

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: This scholarship will go to a College Greenlight student who adds 10 colleges to their college list, and 5 scholarships to their scholarship list. Applicants must have a valid College Greenlight profile, and must click the “apply button” listed with this scholarship here. Applicants should embody College Greenlight’s mission in one or more of the following ways: demonstrated financial need, underrepresented minority status, or by being the first in their family to attend college. Membership in a college preparatory program is a plus.



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