Tips for Getting a Letter of Recommendation

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When you apply for college, you should submit letters of recommendation, typically from a teacher, employer or mentor. A mentor or teacher can write a great letter of recommendation. Here are some tips for getting a letter of recommendation.

Follow directions. This might seem like a given, but make sure you follow all instructions before submitting a letter of recommendation.

The letter should clearly state your strengths. Make sure the person who writes your letter understands why you deserve a letter of recommendation. Also, make sure the writer of the letter states how long they have known you. Before you submit the letter, make sure it clearly states why you should attend a certain college or university.

Be prepared. Submit a resume to the person writing your letter of recommendation. This will speak to your academic experience. Meet with the person reviewing your resume in person to focus on what you are fighting for.

Focus on a particular college. Talk to the letter writer about a particular college you are applying to. Encourage them to talk about your specific ability to succeed at a college. Even if the letter comes off as a bit more specific, ask your teacher or mentor to focus the letter on one aspect of your academic life.

Stay positive. Make sure to emphasize your positive traits for why you belong at a college. Make sure your letter writer focuses on this throughout your letter. Specific positive remarks help you stand out.

Avoid clichés. No one wants to read clichés in your letter of recommendation. Make sure the person writing your letter avoids phrases such as “hard worker” or “exceptional student.” The letter should have specific reasons, with examples, for why you deserve a spot at a specific college or university.

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