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Tips for Transferring Colleges

Comments Off on Tips for Transferring Colleges 07 August 2017

Sometimes the college you select does not work out. If you’ve given it time and realize it is not the right fit, that’s fine. Transferring colleges always is an option. Here are some tips if you decide to transfer colleges.

Do a little soul searching. What is it about your current college that made you want to transfer? Location? Size? Academic programs? It is important that you are able to determine the things your college experience was lacking. When you visit potential colleges, make sure they really fit the criteria you are looking for.

College application process. The college application process is stressful, and you’re about to go through it again. But this time around, try the Greenlight Scholars application. The application is free. You will be able to apply to multiple colleges at once and share your story. The application gives a complete picture of your academics, skills, experiences and potential.

Transferring credits. Don’t let the work you’ve already put in go to waste. If possible, transfer to a college that will accept your credits. If not, contact the college you hope to apply to and talk to someone in admissions. Ask for a counselor who specializes in transfer students, if possible, and chat about which credits will be accepted.

Financial aid. Certain colleges don’t offer transfer students a lot of financial aid. Talk to a financial aid officer at your current college for tips on how to potentially get more financial aid from your new college. Make sure you also are familiar with the financial aid situation at your new college before you commit. Now that you have decided to transfer, keep checking out the scholarships we match you with on your College Greenlight profile.

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