Top Colleges that Come to Visit You

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Students from underrepresented backgrounds often are eligible for college fly-in programs, where colleges fly in students for campus visits. Some colleges, however, go an extra step and jointly travel to the students as a group.

These programs, which travel across the country and give students the opportunity to meet with campus officials from top colleges and universities, make it easier for underrepresented students to learn about selective institutions.

Here is a list of travel programs that give students opportunities they might not otherwise have:


Coast to Coast College Tour

College participants: Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Princeton University, University of California at Berkeley, Vanderbilt University

Program dates/locations: Program runs May through June in various locations across the U.S.

About the program: Each college or university practices holistic admissions, meaning they weigh the entire applicant, not just one admissions factor.


The NUWHE Tour

College participants: Emory University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis

Program dates/locations: Program runs through May in various locations across the U.S.

About the program: The universities will host a presentation and then be available to meet with students and parents afterward.


Exploring Educational Excellence

College participants: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Rice University, University of Chicago

Program dates/locations: Program runs May through June in various locations across the U.S.

About the program: Students and their parents can attend sessions that include an overview of each university, information on admissions and financial aid and meet with admissions representatives. Participants must register.


Exploring College Options

College participants: Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania

Program dates/locations: Program runs at various times and locations across the U.S. See the program website for further details.

About the program: The program visits all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. Each university will present a brief slide presentation and answer questions.

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