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Top Five Green Colleges

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Colleges across the country are finding ways to help the environment. These colleges look for ways to become more ecofriendly year-round. Take a look at this list of five of the greenest colleges in the country.

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, Colo.

The university is home to the first solar-heated/air-conditioned on-campus building. NASA partnered with Colorado State to develop a cloud-profiling radar system that monitors climate change and provides CSU students with research opportunities concerning the school’s own energy usages. With initiatives like these, it’s no wonder that this university tops multiple lists ranking the greenest colleges and universities in the country.

College of the Atlantic

Bar Harbor, Maine

The College of the Atlantic has been composting its food since the school’s founding in 1972. Every residence and dining hall has its own compost bins. The college gives back to the community by feeding local organic community gardens with the contents from the bins.

Sterling College

Craftsbury Common, Vt.

Sterling is focused on turning its students into stewards of the environment. Students are able to enroll in a number of sustainability-focused courses, such as outdoor skills training. The college did its part for the environment by removing vending machines from the campus more than a year ago and replacing them with sustainable food that is farmed on campus.

Arizona State University

Tempe, Ariz.

In 2007, the university launched its School of Sustainability. This program made Arizona State the first sustainability degree-granting institution in the nation. The building itself also is eco-friendly, with its water-efficient fixtures, recycled floors and wind turbines on the rooftop.

Oregon State University

Corvallis, Ore.

At Oregon State, students are dedicated to helping the environment. Marine science, sustainability and forestry are some of the most commonly selected specializations by Oregon State students. Campuses Take Charge is another way students can give back to the community. This program allows students to educate locals about ways they can reduce waste and energy usage in their homes.

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