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Using Greenlight Scholars to Support Your College Application Curriculum

Comments Off on Using Greenlight Scholars to Support Your College Application Curriculum 11 October 2016

We know you’ve worked hard to prepare for everything that goes with fall application season—helping your students compile their college lists, preparing for the FAFSA changes, and familiarizing yourself with the different college applications available.  This application cycle you’ll have another option to help your students get accepted to the right colleges for them—the Greenlight Scholars application.

Incorporating the Greenlight Scholars application into your existing college application curriculum is easy, and can help supplement your existing programming by offering a few distinct ways to use it with a variety of students.

Discover Colleges Who Want to Recruit & Support Your Students

Greenlight Scholars partners are not just any colleges—they are colleges looking to recruit and support first-gen, low-income and underrepresented students. These schools also vary Whether it’s a highly-selective college like Swarthmore or an STEM-focused institution like Milwaukee School of Engineering, there are colleges for all kinds of students to discover and that they may not have had on their radar before.

It’s Easier than Ever to Cast a Wider Net

When developing the Greenlight Scholars application, we found that counselors felt their students weren’t applying to as many schools as they recommended.  This was due to a number of factors, including how time consuming and costly it can be.

With this in mind, we’ve eliminated these barriers, allowing students to apply for free to multiple colleges with one application with no additional college-specific supplements.   Students can now easily apply to multiple schools at once and without prohibitive application fees or having to apply for waivers.

 Students already interested in a Greenlight Scholars partner college can apply easily—and for free.

The most obvious way to take advantage of the Greenlight Scholars application is to help your students who are already interested in one of our partner colleges apply easily and for free.  Depending on the school, some college may not be free for students using other means, such as the Common application or school-specific application.

Want to learn more about the Greenlight Scholars application and how it can support your students this fall?

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