Why You Should Explore Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

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Success isn’t chance, it’s a choice—choose AP

You know courses you take in high school play an important role in your academic future. That’s why it’s smart to explore Advanced Placement (AP) courses now.

Get a head start

Taking AP can help you save thousands of dollars on your college education. When you complete an AP course and score a 3 or higher on the AP Exam, you can earn college credit and skip introductory classes in college. Plus, students who succeed in AP are more likely to graduate college on time.

How AP helps you stand out in college admissions

When you apply to college, AP gives you an important edge. By taking AP courses, you’re letting admissions officers know that you’ve taken the most challenging classes possible.Learn more about the rewards of taking AP courses.

How the AP prepares you for college

AP courses are a lot like the classes you’ll find in college. They can be difficult at times, but if you’ve taken classes that prepared you for AP and you work hard, you can succeed. Plus, you’ll have support from AP teachers who work closely with students, and classmates who help each other through study groups and more.

And, students who receive a 3 or higher on an AP Exam usually out perform non-AP students in college.

By choosing to take AP courses you will discover what you’re capable of by challenging yourself to do more. AP offers more than 30 courses: Explore them all. 


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