Working a Part-Time Job in High School

Comments Off on Working a Part-Time Job in High School 30 August 2017

Working a part-time job in high school has many benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working in high school.

Impress colleges. Most colleges like seeing a part-time job on a student’s application. Balancing work with your studies shows that you can handle multiple commitments. Being a student that takes initiative will give you a leg up over other applicants.

Money for college. Working a part-time job in high school can help you to get money for college in more ways than one. You can save money from each paycheck to put it away from college. Some jobs even offer employees college scholarships. Talk to your manager to see if that is an option for you.

Time management. Balancing school, homework, extracurricular activities and a job can be stressful at times. But the odds are that you will be needing to balance even more in college. That’s why developing time management skills will be vital to succeeding in college. Time management will be an important skill to have moving into a career after graduation as well.

Networking. As the saying goes, it’s all about who you know. Someone you meet at this job might be an alumnus of a college you are interested in. They can help you get connections or give you tips for your application. Keep in touch with the people you work with because they might have friends who can help you land a job after college.

Find a new passion. Unsure of what you want to study in college? Your part-time job in high school might help you figure it out. Working a few different jobs through out college will give you a sense of what you like or do not like. Just be sure to keep an open mind because what you find might surprise you.

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